About Red Door Alpaca Farm

Red Door Alpaca Farm began in 2019 when we moved into our house in Coventry Connecticut. It happened to be the same year we also became engaged. It was always a dream of ours to start a small alpaca farm. 


Stephanie in 2010 at Southwind Alpaca Farm

We both found our love for alpaca while at school at Northwestern Connecticut Community College in the Veterinary Technology program. While we didn't meet in school we did coincidentally attend the same program a few years apart. It was the same experience that drove us both. We fell in love with these beautiful and fascinating creatures. Ever since meeting in 2017 we always wanted to start a farm. What seemed like a far fetched dream at times, slowly started falling into place. When we were looking to buy a house the main selling point was if it had enough land to start our farm. Through a lot of looking and researching and driving our realtor nuts we finally found a house in Coventry Connecticut. It had the land and the house but definitely needed some work. So we got busy putting up fences and our very own barn. Then our first animals joined the farm in the form of 3 chickens and shortly after came Prancer and Dasher, our first two alpaca. Then after that came Moxy, our livestock guardian dog. Moxy is a Great Pyrenees and she is what truly ties everything together. She vigilantly guards her alpaca and chickens but also makes the place feel like home. She is our only true full time employee and loves every minute of her job. 



Slowly it started to fall into place. Every bit of free time we had we spent working on the farm either tending to the animals or adding to the farm itself. Through a lot of work and fun mixed with a small amount of frustration and confusion we are now home to four alpaca, 30 or so chickens and one very vigilant Great Pyrenees.


It is truly a sight to see all of the animals minding their own business being happy, sun bathing alpaca, pasture raised chickens and a goofy Moxy. It felt like home for us, for Chase and for all the animals on the farm.   


It feels like it's been a long journey but in reality it has truly only started.

We thank everyone that has helped us along the way and are excited for the future.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our store and share in our adventure. 


Stephanie & Brian